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Pizza Update

Ater a lockdown (and then some) of pizza, I’ve reached the following conclusions:

  1. Meat on homemede pizza is way too salty, and usually too greasy.
  2. That said, I’ve found that pre-cooking pepperoni to drive off the grease etc. isn’t too bad, Gonna try that again soon.
  3. “Too much spinach” is a logical contradiction.
  4. Mushroons rock.
  5. Drizzling olive oil on afterwards is the winning move.

Pizzas for pi day! Maybe it’s cheating, but that’s what I know how to make! 🤷 One old (spinach and mushroom), one new (roasted red onions and prosciutto)!

I think that if you’ve pre-paid for a Duck Boat tour on a day where a sports team takes them over, there should be a drawing to get to ride with the team. One normal passenger per boat. How sweet would that be?